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Hi Friends this Tuesday June 9th 2015  go to the internet and turn on
WEST COAST Golden Radio POWER PLAYS June 9, 2015 and listen to all the hits of the day.

Their is a lot of luv being shared when you listen to West Coast Power Plays.



00:16:48 Nathan East – Moondance featuring Michael McDonald
00:47:42 TOBB – Don`t Want To Wait Anymore feat Rune Haglund, Erik Smith
01:19:03 The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin (with Toby Keith)
01:44:14 Jeri Lynne – All I Can Do
02:15:32 Tom Snow – Time To Be Lovers
02:45:45 Late For Breakfast – Michelle featuring Michael Oliphant,
Roger McLachlan, Greg Clarkson, Gerry Pantazis
03:15:47 Monkey House – Faith in the Middle feat Don Breithaupt
03:43:28 Todd Rundgren – Global Nation
04:12:53 Tony Saunders – Appaloosa (feat. Bill Champlin)
04:39:38 Ed Motta – Dondi
05:12:51 HEAT – This Love That We’ve Found featuring Tom Saviano
05:46:02 The Beach Boys – Thats Why God Made The Radio
06:12:06 Toto – Orphan
06:53:17 Boz Scaggs – Full Of Fire
07:08:53 The PB Underground – Taste of Freedom
07:46:42 Christopher Cross – Simple
08:13:26 Samuel Purdey – Only When I’m With You feat Barney Hurley
08:49:39 Smokey Robinson – Being With You (feat. Mary J.Blige)
09:16:37 Kere Buchanan – If You Need Somebody
09:53:20 Bryan Adams – God Only Knows
10:18:27 Donald Fagen – Weather In My Head
10:47:45 Tristan – Falcon featuring Evelyn Kallansee,
Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Frans Vollink, Coen Molenaar, Guy Nikkels
11:10:36 Max Meazza & Marc Jordan – Charlie Parker Loves Me
11:46:17 Bill LaBounty – Ax To Grind
12:11:49 Late For Breakfast – The Way It Is featuring Michael Oliphant,
Roger McLachlan, Greg Clarkson, Gerry Pantazis
12:50:18 Blake Shelton – Good Country Song
13:13:21 Richard Marx – Forgot to Remember
13:44:26 Katie Slaney – The Still Point featuring Michael Oliphant,
Roger McLachlan, Greg Clarkson, Gerry Pantazis
14:14:47 Toto – The Little Things
14:42:42 Ed Motta – Lost in the Night
15:20:33 Earth, Wind & Fire – My Promise
15:42:16 Dirty Loops – Roller Coaster
16:15:48 Venice – One for the Ages
16:41:02 Richard Page – Another Day Gone By
17:12:03 Bjarne Langhoff – Hollow Soul
17:51:51 Chicago – Now
18:11:23 Kere Buchanan – Goodbye Yesterday
18:47:19 Steve Gadd Band – Desu
19:14:50 Drew Zingg – Easy featuring Michael McDonald
19:49:30 Ole Børud – Stepping Up
20:18:11 Joe Walsh – Family
20:39:48 Todd Rundgren – Terra Firma
21:12:34 Richie Furay – We Were The Dreamers
21:41:20 Richard Marx – Beautiful Goodbye
22:15:29 Torsten Goods – Unlucky Like Me
22:40:05 Jeff Larson – Goodbye Ocean Street Beaches
23:17:00 Ed Motta – Playthings of Luv
23:39:21 David Krapes – Whatever It Is produced by Tom Saviano

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